Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 Holiday Potluck

Everyone brought a dish to pass from appetizers, salads, main course to several desserts.  Stitchers also love to cook, so we shared recipes!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2012 September Kickoff Meeting

It's "The Year of Painted Canvas". 
We'll focus on painted canvas this season with programs on adding Bling to your canvas, ribbon embroidery and long/short stitch on canvas. 

We're not forgetting counted work, though.  We're doing a fun 2-part program on Blackwork.  There were lots of finishes for the Show & Share segment of the meeting.  A variety of needlework including, linen work, painted canvas, counted canvas, and goldwork. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Meeting - Ice Cream Social

It's been hot and humid here, as in other parts of the country.  We kept it cool with an ice cream social at the meeting.  While we sat, enjoying our treat, each member was asked to offer a piece of needlework advice.  There are so many but here are some highlights:

>  Stitch for as long as you want, can be 10 min or 10 hours
>  Stitch with a friend
>  Stitching sets you free
>  If you're not having fun, don't do it
>  Must breathe, don't hold your breath, get up and move around, wash hands periodically and don't eat while stitching
>  Never let threads dangle, always leave on top of your work
>  Take photos of your work as you go along.

Some finishes to enjoy:

by Lynn M

Bargello Pillow by Sheila

Progress on our Linda Reinmiller Correspondance Course by two of our members:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Meeting - When Beads & Canvas Collide

Beads are showing up more and more on needlepoint.  We love to stitch, but sometimes stopping to stitch on beads can be a speed bump.  At the May meeting we showed some easy ways to attach beads.  We covered tools to gather beads (they like to jump and roll), bead size to canvas size and beading needles.  Here is a photo of some tools to get you beading.

Our May finishes:

Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Tri-City Chapter Retreat

About 36 members from three NY ANG chapters (Buffalo - Rochester - Syracuse) got together to stitch, show some needlework and have lunch. 

The Syracuse chapter had a painted canvas challenge.  Participants each received the same canvas of a Peacock with a long tail, and instructions to be creative.  It's hard to believe all the canvases started out looking the same.  What a great idea!

Close up of a peacock tail.

The Buffalo Chapter stitched from the ANG Project Book.  A basket of silk flowers with button centers.  To make it more personal, some stitchers used buttons from family clothing that commorated an important event like a wedding, and christening.  Each beautiful basket is unique.  A great project!

close up of flowers
These low-calorie treats are really needlepointed!
There was such a variety of needlework and beading on display....Enjoy!  Click on a photo to get a close up slide show.

A round robin sampler that Syracuse members did.

A four-legged friend in needlepoint

The Dutch Beast - almost finished in XS

Some stitched on a new piece

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April - Speed Round Robin

Want to have some fun with needle, thread and your imagination?  No pattern or diagrams!  The Buffalo ANG Chapter "Western NY Needlepointers" invited us to lead their group in a creative Speed Round Robin.  Each member had to bring a 4" or 5" square of 18ct mono canvas and some different colored threads from their stash.  This is a timed excercise and it begins by telling them the first step to stitch the outline of the Aquarium then they have 4 minutes to stitch.  When the time is up, we ring a bell and they pass their canvas to the person on their left.  Again, we tell them the next thing to stitch within a certain time, then RING! PASS YOUR CANVAS!  You can choose any theme, we just liked the Aquarium.  Everyone quickly got the idea that this is fun and stitched some very imaginative scenes.  You can see crustaceons, treasure chests, plant life, anchors, fishing hooks and more. 
Imagine an Aquarium… 
With just a needle and thread we’ll be “drawing” a picture today.
You can use whatever stitches you know.  They can be straight or slanted, long and short, knotted or fancy.  Use them in any combination to paint the scene.  Think about stitches you’ve learned, your favorite, the easiest. 
1.       (4:00)  Stitch the outline of an aquarium.  Will it be square or rounded?  What color will it be? Blue, black, green?  Light or dark?  Define the boundaries of an aquarium.
2.       (4:00)  Add an underwater structure for the background.  An interesting rock formation, steps, a spout. Is it round, square, triangle, steps formation?
3.       (3:00)  Add some seaweed or vegetation. Is it floating on the top or along the sides or is it sprouting from the floor bed?
4.       (3:00)  Add some colorful coral. Dot the waterscape with several or stitch one large coral. 
5.       (2:00)  Add some fish to the aquarium.  Let them swim along the floor or sides.  Make some stitches that make it look like a school of fish.  Use different colors.
6.       (1:00)  Add some bubbles.  Blue/green bubbles.
7.       (2:00)  Add an undersea creature.  Lobster, crab, octopus, shark, dolphin, jellyfish, mermaid, etc.
8.       (3:00)  Add a man-made element to the scene.  A treasure chest, fish-hook, a boat floating on top, explorer robot, Jacques Cousteau, statue, etc.
9.       (1:00)  Add some bubbles.
A total of 24 minutes!
Here are the creative results:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April Meeting - Knotty and Nice

Why Knots?  Knots have been used in all kinds of needlework for centuries.  They add texture and variety to our needlework.  The French knot and Colonial knot are commonly used in our contemporary needlework, but I've read there are over 100 kinds of knots.  We learned a few knot stitches, some you know and one or two you may knot (pun intended).  Have you heard of the "Gordian", "Sorbello" or "Turks Head"?  Also learned the the “Forbidden Stitch” as it's known in China. 

Everyone is creating beautiful borders.  Here is one completely finished by Dorothy.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Meeting - Unleashing Over-Dye Thread

Threads over dyed in an intriquing palette of colors.  They're inspiring and fun to see the colors change as you stitch.  Barbara's presentation taught us about the different kinds of over-dyes (Tone-on-Tone, Shadow Dye,  Variegated, Heather, Tie-dye, Tweed, etc).  On the left is a photo of the threads she used to show us the differences. 

There are silks, cotton, linen, wool, soy, metallic and ribbon.  They each present different challenges for dyeing. 

You can see different effects when stitching with overdyes, depending you use the strands in a needle and which stitches you use.

Here are some suggested books for reference:
"Colorful Stitches for Over-dye Thread", by June McKnight, 2010, self published.
"Getting the Most Out of Overdyed Threads", part One, by Catherine Jordan, Needle Pointers September 2006
"The Thread Thesaurus", 2002, Thread Techique Team LLC, Ann Caswell, Suzanne Howren, Beth Robertson

Here are photos of the lastest finishes from our Show and Share:

pattern is "Galaxy" by Needle Delights
Colorway was inspired by the quilt

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February Meeting - Bargello Night

Suzanne gave a wonderful presentation on Bargello.  She displayed just some of her collection of books on Bargello along with stitched examples.  We learned some history of this stitch, and also technique, reading material, samplers, original work and some handouts to get us started.  The touching moment of the presentation was when Suzanne showed us a piece that her mother had stitched while she had Alzheimers. 
Some Bargello books from Suzanne's library
This will be an upholstered chair
Some Bargello Samplers
A lesson on counting the Bargello stitches
A beautiful Bargello piece stitched by Suzanne's mom

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February Meeting - Finishes & Borders!

First we'll show some finishes for this month.  A real variety of items too!  There's painted canvas, some more Hearts, a Kumihimo necklace, counted canvas and some original work too.  Every month we bring our borders project to the meetings.  They're all so different in color and stitch choices.  Here is our progress in pictures.

A Kumihimo necklace - a local bead shop class!

ANG Stitch of the Month - 2011   by Norma