Tuesday, October 1, 2013

19th Annual Finger Lakes Fiber Festival

This year we participated in the fiber festival.  It is the largest fiber festival this side of the Hudson River and many fiber guilds are represented.  Our chapter of ANG plus the local chapter of EGA participated.  We displayed various types of needlework from embroidery, counted canvas, blackwork, painted canvas and more!
Here's an excerpt from the pamphlet: "The Finger Lakes Fiber Festival educates the public about fiber and its sources, promotes small farms, supports fiber artists and fiber-related businesses, and provides a venue for the public to interact with the fiber arts world.. By sharing skills and knowledge with the public through demonstrations and workshops, the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival is sowing the seeds for future generations of fiber artists and craftspeople.. Our festival features great vendors, with everything you need for fiber arts: raw fleece, roving, spinning supplies, needle felting supplies, dyes, yarns, items needed to knit, crochet, weave—and things you won’t know you need until you see them—not to mention unique, one-of-a-kind, handmade finished items!."

When we weren't sitting at our booth we roamed around the many buildings to shop the colorful goods, be amazed at the beautiful yarns and talked to other guild members. A group of spinners were in the booth next to us and were mezmerized by their yarn spinning. They looked so calm and peaceful spinning wool into yarn! Enjoy the photos.

ANG and EGA chapters display samples of their work.

Weavers Guild

Two festival attendees -  It was a cold day so they wore their warm jackets

Prizes for dying and spinning yarn

Lace maker guild - samples of their work

A sock knitting machine - referbished and still making socks

Silk worm display