Thursday, July 18, 2013

Welcome new Board

Our chapter changed officers this June.  We welcomed the new officers and said thank you to the outgoing board.  Barb, Judy and I had a great four years but the day came when we stepped aside for the new crew.  A surprise party awaited us as we walked into the meeting.  It was so festive as you can see by the photos.  The cake even has our logo!  Thank you to all the members who made the evening so special.

Our meeting always has a show and share so here are the latest finishes. 
  • The  1st photo is of an ANG Stitch of the Month.  It is a work in progress and two members are stitching on the same piece.  They take turns switching off each month.  What a fun idea!  They chose their own colors and how beautiful to see it change each month as they bring it in. 
  • Next is a pink counted canvas piece in a white box.
  • The abstract flowers is a Mindy canvas, the stitchers interpreted the stitches herself.
  • The last photos are of a coral done in a technique called, "messy beading".  There are different sized beads to give it a coral texture.  The photo doesn't do a good job of showing the background. 

ANG 2013 Stitch of the Month - Bargello!

Dahlia on the Patio

One of the dahlia's has bloomed!  It's a bright yellow, although the picture looks a bit greener.  The other two dahlias sharing the planter should bloom in red and white.  So say's the tag that came with the pot.  We shall see!

There were some tech problems and I couldn't post to the blog.  The issues seemed to have cleared up and I'm happy to be posting entries again.  So welcome back visiters and check back monthly when I post pictures.