Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Meeting - Unleashing Over-Dye Thread

Threads over dyed in an intriquing palette of colors.  They're inspiring and fun to see the colors change as you stitch.  Barbara's presentation taught us about the different kinds of over-dyes (Tone-on-Tone, Shadow Dye,  Variegated, Heather, Tie-dye, Tweed, etc).  On the left is a photo of the threads she used to show us the differences. 

There are silks, cotton, linen, wool, soy, metallic and ribbon.  They each present different challenges for dyeing. 

You can see different effects when stitching with overdyes, depending you use the strands in a needle and which stitches you use.

Here are some suggested books for reference:
"Colorful Stitches for Over-dye Thread", by June McKnight, 2010, self published.
"Getting the Most Out of Overdyed Threads", part One, by Catherine Jordan, Needle Pointers September 2006
"The Thread Thesaurus", 2002, Thread Techique Team LLC, Ann Caswell, Suzanne Howren, Beth Robertson

Here are photos of the lastest finishes from our Show and Share:

pattern is "Galaxy" by Needle Delights
Colorway was inspired by the quilt